GetSorted home storage systems help you and your belongings stay clean, safe and organised.

All GetSorted products are developed and manufactured by International Merchants Limited (IML) which is located in Mount Maunganui situated next to the Port of Tauranga, New Zealand's largest and most efficient port.

Mount Maunganui

The Mount is a Mecca in summer, with warm temperatures, white sand beaches and blue skies. This proximity to the environment has ensured sustainability is a considered factor in the products design and development; from the selection of materials; through to their labelling for end of life recycling and disposal. Manufacturing facilities in China are all personally visited and hand-picked to ensure the product is manufactured in an ethical and caring manner.

IML are dedicated to the creation of innovative new products and have extensive distribution networks to Australia, USA, UK, South Africa to name a few. Their experience ensures the product is well supported and customers are looked after.

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